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Are you a business owner who wants to

get known, get connected and

build relationships that last a lifetime?

Take a look at the best referral, lead generation networking group ever!

Network In Action International believes that the perfect mix of technology and face-to-face networking will help your business grow. There are 7 key differences why NIA works:

1. Monthly Business Meetings

Monthly meetings versus weekly, saving you over 80 hours a year!

2. Professional Leadership

I am one of 30 certified networkers in the entire country. I am the conduit between NIA members and their connections. It is not the responsibility of the members to grow the group or spend countless hours volunteering for the organization.

3. Refer with Confidence

We require a background check and business assessment on every member.

4. Technology

Our computer and mobile app provide real-time connections plus a video profile in lieu of an elevator pitch; saving 25 minutes at every meeting!

5. Bonus Meetings

An optional monthly happy hour, lunches, coffee connections, or coaching session that brings all the area NIA members together.

6. Community Service

Every group must do a community service project and we offer a free membership to a community non-profit.

7. Guaranteed ROI

No other networking organization offers an ROI guarantee, but we do! If you do your part, we will guarantee your results in writing!

Grow your business with us!

Network In Action International offers business solutions

to help you grow your network as well as your business.

Network In Action University


As a Network In Action member, you have needs, and they are not always during business hours! By clicking here, you can access tutorials 24/7 to help you grow your business, increase profitability and become more efficient. If you are looking for help in other areas, be sure to reach out to your franchise owner and let them know how we can help.

Reputation Management Software


Your members know how great you are. Let the world know! Repman: A Text-based solution to get you more quality reviews.



Don't have a CRM system? NIA includes one with every membership. Manage Contacts, Companies, Deals, Opportunities, Prospects, Follow-ups, and much more! Never lose an important prospect or customer again!

Network In Action Content Contributor


As a Network In Action member, you have industry insights that others need! By submitting an article, you can be an excellent source for industry news and information in your area of expertise. Not only will fellow NIA members find your articles useful, we will also index them on the internet for others to see.

Become a Published Author


Your group leader is compiling an anthology. We invite you to participate. Now's an excellent opportunity to become a published author in your field. Are you interested in learning more?

Who is Community Builder, Toni Harris Taylor?

Toni Harris Taylor is a certified networker with the NIA Northeast Houston Franchise Owner and Community Builder. She is also a marketing and sales trainer and coach who teaches entrepreneurs to take drastic steps to get known, get connected, and get paid! Toni’s personal “why” is to be a resource and a connector. She helps her clients build deeper relationships that are beneficial to their life and business. Toni has spent the last 15 years building a national and international network and she’s ready to help her clients to do the same. If you are ready to get known, get connected to build relationships that last a lifetime, call Toni today!

What Toni's Clients Have to Say...

Toni is an unbelievable networker, leader, connector, coach, trainer... and the list goes on! Toni has been instrumental in helping me grow my Social Media business. If you have the opportunity to work with her in any capacity, consider yourself blessed! Thanks, Toni!

Jasmin M. Augustin, MSW

I help entrepreneurs and small businesses effectively use social media

Toni is a dynamic connector of people. She is a leader that knows the ins and outs of networking and has been a blessing in my life. I am a small business owner and connecting with her was a means for me to grow and come out of my comfort zone.

Andre' Kanyo

Providing innovative health insurance solutions and savings to individuals,

self employed, and small business.

What can I say, Toni is amazing!!! I love her so much, she has changed my life in so many different directions. Words can't even express how she has changed the course of my life. Before I met Toni I was heading towards a disaster financially. I haven't received income in 10 months but taking faith and spending my last to join her NIA group, I have no regrets and I would do it all over again. she connected me with so many people that connect me to another person found my job I'm just grateful!! Anytime you're dealing with Toni Harris Taylor you're dealing with a top-notch professional woman. I recommend her for any and everything hands down!! Thank you Toni so much for helping me and my family and being there for me!! I love you so much!!!

Mia White

Life Insurance Agent

I highly recommend Toni! Toni is an amazing coach and mentor. Toni is the best networking/marketing Coach and connects so many of us. Her professionalism is exceptional! First-class.

Dena Hobbs-Lix

Multi-Million Dollar Realtor

I highly recommend Toni! Toni is an amazing coach and mentor. Toni is the best networking/marketing Coach and connects so many of us. Her professionalism is exceptional! First class.

Dena Hobbs-Lix

Multi-Million Dollar Realtor

Toni Harris Taylor | 713.387.9273 |